Heat and Thermal Management

Heat and thermal managementHeat and Thermal Management
Competent and well engineered thermal management is essential for the long-term durability of HELLA LED luminaires. A common misconception is that LEDs do not generate heat. LEDs consume power and some of this power is also converted to heat, even in the most energy efficient LEDs.

In contrast to incandescent lamps however, LEDs do not like to ‘run hot’. As a rule of thumb the hotter an LED runs, the faster it will degrade and in extreme cases result in a much lower light performance and shorter service life.

A noticeably ‘hot to touch’ exterior surface of a high power LED interior lamp provides some indication that the light output of the device will deteriorate fast, sometimes within a few hundred hours. Well engineered LED devices will operate ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ to the touch after many hours of operation. HELLA has many years of technical expertise in developing good thermal designs, when matched with superior optics and electronic design it ensures the long term durability of all our LED lighting products with minimal degradation over many years of service.

Highly efficient white LED luminaires are becoming a solution that make ecological and economic sense for an ever increasing range of applications.

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