Dimmable Logos - What Do They Mean?

Dimmable Logos - What Do They Mean?

Logos used throughout the Interior/Exterior section to help quick referencing of important product features are explained below.

Dimmable: Analog DC Input LogoLight intensity is reduced as the DC input voltage is reduced below the lamps specified operating voltage.


Dimmable: Internal Dimmer LogoLight intensity is controlled through the lamp’s own internal circuitry via in-built buttons, an external DC power source and a standard switch. See specific lamp instructions for further information.


Dimmable: PWM 10-100% LogoLight intensity is adjusted between 10-100% using a high frequency PWM (pulse width modulation) DC power supply, with adjustable duty cycle control.


Dual Intensity: Switch Control LogoLight intensity can be switched between 100% and a lower level factory pre-set value, usually via an additional cable input supplied with the lamp using a positive feed from the DC power supply within the lamps operating voltage range.