Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings Defined

How well protected is a product against environmental influences?
The Ingress Protection (IP) class states how resistant the product is.
HELLA products are designed for different degrees of protection.

HELLA Emergency and Signal Warning Lighting contain precision electronic and mechanical components in order to achieve outstanding product performance. In order to protect these components and assure long term reliability, HELLA products are designed and tested to meet international standards on ingress protection as per IEC 60529, DIN 40050-9 or ISO 20653.

Most marker and signal lamps are pre-wired with sheathed multi-core cable, fully sealed against dust and moisture to International Protection Standards IP 6K6/IP 6K7, and compliant with current ADR (Australian Design Rules). As a result, these lamps are approved for use in New Zealand and Australia.

Refer to the table below for Ingress Protection standards and what they mean:

International Protection (IP) Ratings