HELLA Beamsetters

HELLA BeamsettersRegulatory authorities use the HELLA Beamsetter range as the industry benchmark for design and accuracy. Fully supported within New Zealand by HELLA with calibration service, spare parts and repair service. The Beamsetter range is well known for its ease of use, durability and quality.

The HELLA Beamsetter is a precision workshop instrument designed to accurately check vehicle headlamps. It was developed especially for use in professional workshops and vehicle testing stations.

The HELLA Beamsetter provides high accuracy in lighting checks and is also able to test the latest technology headlamps. The Beamsetter box, the heart of the unit, is constructed of impact-resistant, corrosion proof plastic which even withstands the aggressive fluids used in workshops. Its functional design allows quick, precise and simple headlamp adjustment.

Features include:
Broad band sight aligner / Laser sight aligner
•  Combination volt and light output meter.
•  Sturdy base.
Large viewing screen.
Easy height adjustment.
•  Spare parts availability


1. Digital indication of illuminance.  2. Laser alignment.  3. Spirit level for accurate testing  on uneven floors (DLX version).


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