Emergency Lighting and Signal Warning Lamps

Emergency and Signal Warning Lighting

HELLA’s range of Emergency Lighting and Signal Warning Lamps provide high levels of performance and reliability for situations where a powerful warning light is required to attract attention. 

HELLA’s revolving and warning lamps, either in LED, bulb or strobe technology, offer choices of signal colour, luminous intensities, flash patterns and supply voltages, providing a complete range to suit most applications and performance requirements.

Light Technology
HELLA rotating beacons offer robust design and superior light performance. The high gloss, vapour-coated parabolic reflector and halogen bulb form an efficient optical system, maximising the light performance. The rotating light pattern is well recognised as a highly effective warning signal in all conditions, even in bright sunlight.

The design of the internal airflow prevents the light dome and reflector from accumulating condensation providing full functional safety at all times, while maintenance-free bearings and drive belt technology ensures smooth operation. Instant activation is ensured from ambient temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +60ºC.

LED High Intensity Emergency Lighting
High intensity LED signal warning lamps are specially designed for emergency services and specialist applications. Features include ultra long service life, reduced maintenance requirements, reliability and outstanding light performance.

The HELLA Multi-flash range of warning lamps have 10 programmable flash modes and can be synchronised to flash alternatively, as a sequenced running pattern or in unison.

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