Technical Product Logos Defined

Your guide to understanding the technical product
logos found throughout the marker and signal section.



One of the leading advantages of HELLA’s LED technology is the Multivolt™ circuitry fitted to most of our LED lamps, ensuring a uniform level of intensity and optimum brightness. Multivolt™ LED lamps can be connected to either 12 or 24 volt DC electrical systems. The light performance will not be adversely affected by voltage drop over long cables and corroded connectors. LED lamps fitted with Multivolt™ circuitry are clearly marked throughout the catalogue.

Operation of these lamps using alternating current or modulated direct voltage will cause premature light failure. HELLA recommends connecting ADR or ECE certified Multivolt LED signal and marker lamps to a continuous (unmodulated) 12V or 24V power supply to ensure safe light operation.



Grilamid® has quickly become the material of choice for operators of equipment exposed to high vibration and impact conditions as well as in applications regularly exposed to petrochemicals and chemicals used to wash and sterilise equipment used in our Primary Industries.

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HCS - HELLA Compatibility Solution

HCS - HELLA Compatibility SolutionVehicles operating on New Zealand public roads require the direction indicator lamps to be monitored for correct function.

When a 21 watt bulb based lamp is exchanged with an LED lamp, some flasher units will not recognise this LED lamp because of its low power consumption and indicate a bulb failure. Many transport fleets will operate trucks/trailers which can feature a mixture of bulb based direction indicator lamps and low power consumption LED direction indicator lamps.

In 1999 HELLA New Zealand designed the HELLA Compatibility Solution (HCS) to offer seamless compatibility between conventional bulb based lamps and HCS equipped LED lamps. The HCS control unit recognizes either a standard bulb lamp or an HCS LED lamp or a mixture thereof, and continues to work normally, without triggering the bulb failure warning function.

This technical solution has become the ISO Standard 13207-1 which is being incorporated into the body electronic of European Trucks.

Astute fleet operators today specify LED lamps designed to ISO Standard 13207-1 to ensure the future-proofing of their fleet.

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Ultra Wide Visibility Optics

Ultra Wide Visibility OpticsHELLA continues to increase its range of LED signal lamps that incorporate Ultra Wide Visibility Optics. LED lamps strictly designed to minimum legal requirements in the horizontal +/-10 to +/-45 degree field suffer from signal fade and become less visible in bright sunlight.

By incorporating Ultra Wide Visibility Optics, HELLA LED signal lamps are much more noticeable to following drivers particularly as the vehicle in front turns and the LED stop or turn signal is viewed from an angle.

HELLA LED signal lamps, incorporating Ultra Wide Visibility Optics, far exceed the minimum legal brightness requirement beyond the +/-10 degree horizontal angle. These lamps provide a significantly enhanced stop and turn signal to the driver of the following vehicle. LED signal lamps incorporating Ultra Wide Visibility Optics, are clearly marked throughout the catalogue.

Enhanced Definition Technology (EDT)

Enhanced Definition Technology (EDT)A stop lamp has to be instantly recognised as a warning signal. To further enhance recognition an increase in illuminated area (compared to the rear position lamp) is combined with an increase in intensity. As a result the illuminated area gets larger and brighter on an EDT lamp for increased safety and awareness.


GGVSEB and ADRGGVSEB (previously GGVS) stands for the German regulation on carriage of dangerous
goods by road, rail and inland waterway. This regulation transposes Directive 2008/68/EC
of the European Parliament and Council of 24 September 2008 on the inland transport of
dangerous goods. Work lamps marked with this symbol are approved for mounting on transportation equipment which meets the regulations of GGVSEB/ADR.