Marker and Signal Lamps

LED Marker and Signal Lamps

HELLA's expanding range of LED based marker and signal lamps has been accepted as the most advanced solution to trim maintenance expenses of Commercial Transport Fleets and Operators.

Since the introduction of the first HELLA LED signal lamp in 1990, this innovative technology has set new standards and received considerable worldwide recognition. Over two decades, we have refined our designs and developed production technologies now used in millions of lamps produced annually, all engineered and tested to the most demanding standards.

Our local research, development and production facilities have allowed us to respond quickly to market feedback from New Zealand and Australian manufacturers of transport equipment, as well as many discerning Fleet Operators from all over the globe. Their input has been invaluable and has ultimately helped New Zealand manufactured LED technology products to succeed in world markets.

HELLA Fit and Forget LED lighting systems are now firmly established as the solution that fully meets
both environmental and economic considerations of the astute operator, in an ever growing catalogue
of applications.

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