HELLA Fit & Forget

Expertly designed and precision manufactured for visibility and safety on New Zealand roads.

Fit and Forget  
Fit and Forget by Design is not just a marketing slogan, it is a philosophy adopted by our design team in 1998 when HELLA New Zealand designed
our first DuraLED® signal lamp for the commercial transport sector.


To create lamps that will function faultlessly for the vehicle life and beyond requires dedication to excellence and the most rigorous, verified test regime. Extensive consultation with our most discerning industry partners was conducted, followed by months of field tests before the first DuraLED® was ever sold to a customer.

Over the past 16 years the same team of dedicated perfectionists have continuously improved the latest designs from ongoing research and market experience.

Material selection, LEDs, optics, drive electronic, circuit protection, design of the sealing geometries, rigidity versus deliberate flexibility of the mounting system all work in harmony to create a product of truly lasting value and safe operation.

"Fit and Forget by Design is your peace of mind of purchasing a product which is designed to stand the test of time, without compromise. Designed and tested for guaranteed reliability and performance."   Designed and tested for guaranteed reliability and performance.