About Us

"HELLA New Zealand strives to provide world-class products that contribute to the safety of the automotive and transport industry through enhanced vision and visibility.

HELLA is a leading edge designer and manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products that always meet customer expectations for innovative design, durability and quality"  

— Mark Taylor, Managing Director.


HELLA New Zealand is part of the HELLA Asia Pacific Group. Today the company designs and manufactures innovative lighting products for the commercial transport and automotive industries, using the latest LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. With these products HELLA New Zealand is a supplier to automotive manufacturers and commercial transport fleets all over the world. HELLA is a prominent brand in the New Zealand aftermarket and in the commercial transport sector, with key relationships with original equipment bus, coach and trailer manufacturers.

HELLA New Zealand’s range of products include the following:

LED Marker and Signal Lamps
Marker and Signal Lamps
Safety DayLights™
Work Lamps
Emergency Lighting 
Automotive Bulbs
Fog and Driving Lamps 
Headlamps and Inserts

HELLA products are available from HELLA Retail Partners and Certified Installers, or from specialist commercial transport and auto electrical wholesale outlets in your region.

Due to the distance to markets, HELLA products designed by HELLA New Zealand are distributed both on a local and international scale and characterised by a combination of the following elements:

1. Highest energy efficacy.
2. Valuable/intelligent electronics.
3. Compact/light (economical to ship including airfreight). 
4. Ultra durable.
5. Best in performance class.
6. Convincing Cost/Benefit advantages for the sophisticated end user
who understands the life time value proposition of ‘Fit and Forget’.