RF CommSafe Superior Electromagnetic Compatibility

RFCommSafe™ Means Superior Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

RFCommSafe Logo   Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is an increasingly relevant safety concern for many emergency and industrial applications. As electronic devices such as LED lamps become more common, so does the risk of unintended electromagnetic interference (EMI) that can have adverse effects on other sensitive devices such as radios or communication equipment.

RFCommSafe-Superior-Electromagnetic-Compatibility   It is essential that the circuitry of LED lamps does not cause harmful interference to other devices and at the same time is not susceptible to radiation from other devices. RFCommSafe™ products were developed in recognition that some radio communication equipment can self-tune to be very sensitive in remote areas. In these situations the limits prescribed by regulatory requirements and as defined in international standards such as EN 55015, CISPR 15, CISPR 25 or relevant UNECE R10 Standards may not be sufficient to ensure there is no interference with very sensitive radio communication equipment.

Lamps marketed as RFCommSafe™ are designed to go well beyond the requirements of these standards.

Electromagnetic Scan of Radiated Emissions


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