ADR Reference Guide - 3RD Edition

The following page is a guide to mounting HELLA lamps in compliance with the Australian Design Rules (ADR). The diagrams in this section are intended as a general guide only, for exact mounting specifications please refer to ADR 13/00.

 ADR Intro

Simpler ADR Compliance 
The 3rd edition ADR covers all vehicles and trailers, even those not subject to registration requirements such as very light trailers or ‘box’ trailers.

To simplify the ADR approval process for smaller manufacturers and individual home-builders, HELLA has made a consolidated Summary of Evidence (SE) submission to the Federal Office of Road Safety (FORS). This submission covers all HELLA products that comply with 3rd Edition ADRs.

This page lists both the HELLA and FORS Component Registration Numbers (CRN) beside each item in
a quick reference ADR application chart in this section (Download and view from the PDF link provided)
HELLA provides specific ADR related lamp orientation and mounting requirements to enable customers requiring ADR compliance to simply quote the relevant CRN to the authorities (who maintain a central register), rather than undertake detailed SE submissions for each lamp function. 

ADR Categories of Direction Indicators

To download 3RD Edition ADR Reference Guide please click here