Ultra Wide Visibility Optic

Ultra Wide Visibility Optics

Ultra Wide Visibility Optic   HELLA continues to increase its range of LED signal lamps that incorporate
Ultra Wide Visibility Optics.

LED lamps strictly designed to minimum legal requirements in the horizontal +/-10 to +/-45 degree field suffer from signal fade and become less visible in bright sunlight.

By incorporating Ultra Wide Visibility Optics, HELLA LED signal lamps are much more noticeable to following drivers particularly as the vehicle in front turns and the LED stop or turn signal is viewed
from an angle.

HNZ Ultra-Wide Visibility Optic

Standard ECE Distribution
ECE Standard

HELLA LED signal lamps, incorporating Ultra Wide Visibility Optics, far exceed the minimum legal brightness requirement beyond the +/-10 degree horizontal angle. These lamps provide a significantly enhanced stop and turn signal to the driver of the following vehicle. LED signal lamps incorporating Ultra Wide Visibility Optics, are clearly marked throughout the website.