Revolving Beacons
HELLA’s revolving beacons are specified with a robust plastic housing. This material is lightweight and insulated.

Noise is effectively minimised in some lamps by utilising silver contacts and a drive belt system. Dual drive belts ensure the lamp remains fully operational even if one of the belts should fail.

HELLA revolving beacons feature corrosion resistant bulb holders. On some models bulbs can be replaced from the rear of the reflector, preventing damage to the highly polished and coated reflector.

HELLA’s revolving lamps incorporate radio frequency (RF) suppression which reduces the potential for interference with on-board communication equipment.

Beacons and Optical Warning System Advantages:

Intense light output - maximising warning light visibility and effectiveness. 

Independent bulb socket system - allows for simple, fast light source replacement without misalignment of the reflector.
Economic product solution – low maintenance costs, minimal replacements required.


CAUTION: Mounting of Magnetic Base Revolving Lamps

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