Points to Note

HELLA Beamsetters, Points to note

1. Always check the headlamp first to determine if the vehicle or headlamp manufacturer has provided a
    specification to check the lights to.
2. Headlamps with individual light-bulbs for each beam must be set and checked independent of each
3. For optimum performance, separately operated high-beam lights must be checked with the scale 
    wheel set to ZERO.
4. Individual driving/spot lamps, or auxiliary high-beam headlamps must be checked with the scale wheel
    set to ZERO.
5. Fog Lamps OR Auxiliary Driving Lamps must be checked with the scale wheel set to 3° or above, as they
    have a symmetrically patterned beam.
6. The headlight alignment of some vehicles with in-car adjusting mechanisms have been set to operate in
    reverse Before failing a vehicle where you have set the scale to zero, try to set it to its maximum and
    re-check, advise the customer of your findings if this proves the lights to be correctly aligned.