Dipped-Beam Angle Conversions

Dipped-Beam Angle Conversions

Use this chart when converting dip beam headlights to lightboard settings.

LTNZ 2005, VIRM: In-Service Certification, Version 2, Amendment 2. May 2005 , Page 4-1-4

Assuming an asymmetric, high intensity cut-off pattern headlight:

Eg 1. A vehicle with a manufacturers dip beam angle of 1.3%, has a dip beam that will sit 39mm below 
          the horizontal centre-line of the headlight when measured on a light board set up 3m away from
          the front of that headlight.

Eg 2. A vehicle that doesnt have a manufacturers specification for the dip beam, has a vertical centre
          height of 765mm. Provided that, at 3m from the front of that headlight, the dip beam falls within a
          band 30-45mm below the horizontal centre line of that headlight when viewed on the lightboard, it
          will pass its WOF inspection.