Lens, Optic Technology and Eye Safety

Lens, optic technology and eye safetyLens, Optic Technology and Eye Safety
To take advantage of the ever increasing efficacy of the most advanced LEDs, efficient optic design is essential to capture as much of the luminous flux emitted by the LED as  possible. An evenly illuminated surface area is evidence of competent optic design. With significant advances in LED brightness, eye safety considerations are increasingly important.

For interior lights it is essential for high power LEDs to be coupled with optic designs that protect the eye’s retina. It is desirable for a large portion of the lens area of a luminaire to be evenly illuminated via an efficient optic rather than using a bundle of LEDs without any optic. Easily visible LEDs inside a luminaire without any optic or lens protection can cause a degree or even significant eye discomfort if viewed directly.

A recent US Department of Energy (DOE) report warns of poorly designed LED luminaires, associating low frequency ‘Flicker’ with the possibility to trigger epileptic attacks in parts of the population that are susceptible.

Well designed LED lighting systems do carry a higher initial price compared to many other lamps now on offer. For most applications, higher efficiency and long term reliability of a competently designed and manufactured LED luminaire is a convincing Value Proposition.