Xenon Gas Discharge Lamps

Xenon Gas Discharge Lamps (HID)
Xenon based front lighting systems are among the best lighting systems available in terms of both quality and quantity.Hella Xenon lighting system comparison

The Xenon gas discharge, or high intensity discharge (HID) bulb illuminates via a light arc that is ignited between two electrodes. This technology requires a complex electronic ballast.

To optimise and maintain a safe lighting system, additional system features are often required e.g. headlamp cleaning systems, automatic headlight range adjustment and levelling systems for ECE type approved systems.

 Advantages of Xenon Light Compared to Halogen Bulbs:
• Over twice the luminous flux (light quantity/light power).
• Superior light performance (photometric efficiency).
• Significantly lower power consumption of only 35W (plus 7W for ballast).
• Lower thermal load on the system.
• Considerably longer service life.
• Light colour is closer to daylight.

How They Work
A sophisticated ballast supplies the ignition voltage required to ignite the gas between two electrodes. This ignition voltage can be up to 30kV in 4th generation ballasts. Inside the bulb is a mixture of inert Xenon gas, metals and metal halides, which are ionised upon ignition resulting in a powerful light arc.

During the controlled supply of alternating current (at approx. 400Hz) the liquid and solid substances evaporate, due to high internal temperatures. The lamp only achieves its full brightness after a few seconds when all the components have been ionised. To prevent destruction of the lamp through uncontrolled increases in current, the current is limited by a ballast. Once the full light output has been reached, an operating voltage (not the ignition voltage) of only 85V is necessary to maintain the physical process. The luminous flux, light output, luminance and service life of Xenon HID bulbs significantly surpasses halogen bulbs.

Colour Match HID Bulbs
As HID bulbs age, the colour temperature increases resulting in a whiter light. When an HID bulb is replaced with a new bulb it can look yellow compared to the original bulb, and will whiten with use.

If a white light from installation is desired, a colour match bulb may be used (D1S-5K, D2R-5K, D2S-5K) which will be a closer match to the older bulb from the first use. These bulbs are ECE compliant.

Additional Regulations for Xenon Low Beam
In the ECE region, headlights with Xenon low beams may only be used in conjunction with automatic or dynamic headlight range adjustment and levelling system as well as a headlight cleaning system. This regulation takes into account the intense luminous performance of the Xenon bulb and is designed to ensure the safety of all road users.