Xenon Gas Discharge Bulbs

Xenon Gas Discharge Bulbs
Xenon bulbs produce light when an electric arc is ignited between two electrodes and subsequently passes through Xenon gas. This technology is significantly more energy efficient than the incandescent or the halogen bulb. The colour temperature emitted is comparable to daylight. As the human eye has evolved to see in daylight, Xenon lighting causes less eye strain than other bulb types, making it a more convenient and safer night lighting option. Xenon based forward lighting further assists safe driving at night by increasing the reflections of road signs and markings.

Advantages of Xenon Lighting
• Over twice the light output compared to standard halogen bulbs.
• 77% less power consumption than standard halogen bulbs.
• Light colour very similar to daylight – reduces strain on the eye.
• Steady brightness levels even if power supply varies.
• Impact and vibration resistant light arc ensures a bulb service life five times longer than standard bulbs.

Colour Match HID Bulbs
As HID bulbs age, the colour temperature increases resulting in a whiter light. When an HID bulb is replaced with a new bulb it can look yellow compared to the original bulb, and will whiten with use.

If a white light from installation is desired, a colour match bulb may be used (D1S-5K, D2R-5K, D2S-5K) which will be a closer match to the older bulb from the first use. These bulbs are ECE compliant.

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