Halogen Bulbs

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs contain a gas mixture which consists of halogen compounds (usually compounds of iodine or bromine). Much like the incandescent bulb, light is produced by passing a current through a tungsten filament, heating it which causes it to emit light. When particles burn off the filament, they are returned by a chemical process assisted by the halogen in the bulb. This results in a relatively consistent brightness over the course of the bulb’s service life. Halogen bulbs are approximately 50% more efficient than an incandescent bulb.

TS Pro Bulbs

HELLA TruckStar bulbs
TS Pro bulbs are a new generation of high-performance halogen bulbs specifically designed to cope with the heavy duty demands of 24 volt heavy commercial transport applications.

Utilising innovative single-coil filaments, TS Pro halogen bulbs offer significantly increased service life of up to 100% when compared to standard halogen bulbs. They also feature superior vibration resistance during extended periods of operation, leading to reduced vehicle servicing costs and downtime.

In addition to extended service life and improved durability, TS Pro halogen bulbs provide up to 100% increased illumination of the road ahead when compared to a standard halogen bulb. This results in improved vision and clearer visibility of objects and traffic situations in the distance ahead, effectively reducing eyestrain and driver fatigue, adding valuable seconds to driver reaction times for improved night driving safety.

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