Work Place Safety

Work LampsWork Place Safety
A large percentage of New Zealand’s productive workforce is employed in the outdoors and is susceptible to changes in environmental conditions.To enhance productivity and maximise the returns on capital intensive farming equipment and machinery, working hours are extended into the night.
In the case of road works on major arterial roads, work is conducted at night to avoid major traffic delays during daytime and particularly rush hour.

Good lighting of the outdoor workplace is an essential safety element and necessary to protect valuable equipment and operators from accidents.

The superior performance of HELLA work lamps is recognised by industry worldwide, with the largest agriculture and construction equipment manufacturers now specifying HELLA lighting as original equipment.

In heavy duty work environments, LED work lamps offer decisive advantages over other lighting technologies.
LED work lamps consume significantly less power than incandescent bulbs resulting in reduced strain on both alternator and battery. This makes LED work lamps the ideal lighting solution for work machines and equipment with low alternator performance or battery-assisted power supply.