LED Work Lamp Technology

In heavy duty work environments, LED work lamps offer decisive advantages over other lighting technologies.

LED work lamps consume significantly less power than incandescent bulbs resulting in reduced strain on both alternator and battery. This makes LED work lamps the ideal lighting solution for work machines and equipment with low alternator performance or battery-assisted power supply.

Highly efficient light output
•  Low power consumption
•  Low maintenance
•  Ultra long service life
•  Water and dust-proof
•  High resistance to vibration
•  Lower operating temperatures

All the advantages of modern LED lighting technology are fully utilised in HELLA work lamps. The choice of LEDs, the power supply and thermal management of the work lamp are key factors in achieving optimum light output (lumen). The quality of the components used by HELLA ensures, for example, that the light remains at a constant level of brightness in a variety of harsh conditions.

Good thermal management is necessary to ensure a long service life. When an LED is illuminated, heat is produced. As the current is increased to the lamp, more heat is generated. As LED temperature increases, light output decreases and the service life reduces. Efficient design for maximum heat dissipation must be ensured. HELLA uses the latest simulation programs during product development to ensure optimal heat dissipation through the housing.

All HELLA LED work lamps are designed to provide reliable protection against the LEDs overheating.
This guarantees long service life as well as consistent light output.

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