Grilamid® Specified by HELLA

An Increasing Range of Lamps with Grilamid® Lenses and Optics

Grilamid® is a revolutionary optical grade Polyamide made in Switzerland. Grilamid® offers an unbeatable combination of properties including toughness against impact, long term UV stability and resistance to commonly used chemicals and washes. As such Grilamid® has become the specified material of choice for many of HELLA’s valued commercial customers and end users.

HELLA has responded to this strong customer demand and has significantly expanded the range of products with optional Grilamid® lenses. In addition, we have taken the bold step and standardised Grilamid® for some popular lamps at no extra cost to our customers.

Long Term Transparency
Grilamid® will not lose its lustre or embrittle over time but will remain clear, transparent and impact tough for the life of the product. Grilamid® retains its superior optical performance without discolouration.

Cleaning Products
The use of cleaning chemicals and even general liquid detergents is sometimes used as a reason to void warranties for products made from Polycarbonate. Such chemicals can cause crazing and/or cracking of this particular plastic type.

Grilamid® is highly resistant to chemicals commonly used in the transport industry, even in applications where it is regularly exposed to chemicals used to wash and sterilise equipment used in our Primary Industries. It is the ideal material for a true Fit and Forget performance.

Grilamid® Retains its Toughness
LED truck and trailer lamps are frequently exposed to mechanical impacts by stones, tree branches and general shocks. Uncoated Polycarbonate will lose its impact resistance over time.

Tests prove and market feedback confirms the superior strength and toughness of Grilamid® is not compromised even through the prolonged effects of weathering and UV exposure.

Grilamid® Specified by HELLA