Safer Driving with HELLA's Advanced Technology

Lights with Parabolic Reflector SystemsLighting differences of the Parabolic and Free-Form (FF) lamps
These lights are designed with a reflector in the mathematically defined shape of a paraboloid. The reflector captures the luminous flux emitted by the bulb and projects this forward as an almost parallel light beam.

The specific light distribution is produced by optical lenses and prisms in the profiled cover lens which precisely directs the light to the area to be illuminated. Good optic design produces an even illumination whereas a spotty appearance is the result of poorly designed optics.

Efficient headlamps with parabolic reflector systems require
a large reflector in order to capture the maximum luminous
flux from the bulb.

Lights with Free-Form (FF)
Reflector Technology
Lights incorporating Free-Form (FF) technology are based on complex computer simulations. Over 50,000 (individual surfaces of the reflector are calculated and formed to precisely reflect the light to the road in front of the vehicle. The outer cover lens contains minimal optic elements.

A well designed headlight, based on Free-Form (FF) technology, produces an evenly lit area in front of
the vehicle which significantly contributes to safer driving.

Micro DE
The functional principle of a DE (Diaxial Ellipsoid) lamp is similar to that of a slide projector. An ellipsoid Free-Form (FF) reflector directs the light to a focused glass lens which bundles and projects it onto the road. A shield positioned between the reflector and the lens provide a very sharp cut-off resulting in a concentrated light beam with defined edges ensuring a smooth light distribution with very little stray light. DE technology allows smaller dimensions with a higher luminance compared to a parabolic lamp.

Pencil Beam
The pencil beam driving light is designed for maximum long-range illumination, providing improved visibility of objects and traffic situations at great distance. This beam type is recommended for off-road vehicles where objects at a far distance must be recognised early to give the driver time to decide on a course of action.

Spread Beam
The spread beam driving light provides effective illumination of both the area immediately in front of the vehicle and some distance ahead. This beam type is particularly suitable for road vehicles (e.g. trucks and buses) where fatigue-free driving is more important than recognising objects at a far distance.

HELLA Fog Lamps
Fog, rain or snow can reflect the light of standard driving lights into the driver’s vision creating a dangerous glare which makes it difficult to recognise hidden hazards.

HELLA Fog Lamps are equipped with specially designed reflectors, which evenly illuminate the width of the road, providing you with a wide path of light for clearer visibility in close range to the vehicle. Particularly suitable for any vehicle driving through humid or moist areas where fog, rain or snow is common.