HELLA Quality Control

Before a new HELLA design is passed for production and sale, it has to pass stringent endurance tests. To ensure HELLA driving lights are fit for their purpose, tests are conducted with simulated real-life environments and driving conditions.

The following criteria must be passed before a new driving light is considered for production:

• Reliable performance in adverse conditions and extreme terrains.
HELLA driving lamps are vigorously tested through mud and water spray tests simulating off-road and cross country driving.

• Harsh vibration and shock resistant.
Vibration testing is performed with random as well as fixed frequencies, known to stress materials. 
This simulates unforgiving road conditions such as cobblestones and potholes.

• Optimal performance in freezing cold and fierce heat.
The driving lamps are subjected to extreme temperature variations between -40ËšC to +80ËšC during testing to ensure they are capable in all weather extremes.

• Watertight even in extreme weather.
The driving lamps are subjected to water spray at pressures of 4 bar to simulate driving through torrential rain.

HELLA Quality Control Endurance Tests