7 Pole Flat Plug

Impact resistant, UV stabilised plastic. Nickel plated contacts for excellent electrical performance. 

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7 Pole Flat Plug

PART NO: 8JA 910 032-001
Legacy PN: 4921

7 Pole Flat Plug - Bulk pack 50

PART NO: 8JA 910 032-007
Legacy PN: 4921BULK


Maximum load

12V 20A (total)
24V 10A (total)


7 Pole Connector Wiring Specifications
Terminal Number Connect to    
1 Left-hand flasher lamps Yellow  
2 Reversing lamps Black  
3 Earth return White  
4 Right-hand flasher lamps Green  
5 Service brakes (or Auxiliary) Blue  
6 Stop lamps Red  
7 Rear position, number plate and clearance lamps Brown  
Where service brakes are not fitted, terminal no.5 may be used for auxiliaries.