Safety DayLights Smart Controller

HELLA’s Safety DayLights™ Smart Controller is designed to simplify the installation of Safety DayLights™ by eliminating the need to connect the lamp, or changeover relay, to ignition terminal 15. The vehicle’s ignition feed is typically used as a signal to turn Safety DayLights™ ON.

Correctly identifying terminal 15 (Ignition) in the engine bay can be a difficult task on some vehicles, requiring specialised and in some cases the only solution is to route the wiring back through the fire wall into the vehicle cabin. This procedure can greatly increase the time and cost it takes to install Safety DayLights™.


P/N 3090 Safety                                P/N 3091 Safety
DayLights™ Smart                           DayLights™ Smart Controller (Advanced*)                     Controller (Standard) 

It can also be a daunting experience for the DIY-er not familiar with the electronic complexity of the modern vehicle. The Safety DayLights™ Smart Controller reduces the installation complexity as it is directly connected to the positive terminal of the battery where it will sense that the vehicle engine has been activated.

The Safety DayLights™ Smart Controller uses advanced electronics that constantly monitor the voltage of the battery and other tell tale signs that the engine has been started. It will automatically switch the Safety DayLights™ ON. It will deactivate the Safety DayLights™ when the headlamps are turned ON or the engine is turned OFF (after a small delay).

*Advanced version P/N 3090 has vibration monitor for installation in vehicles with fuel saving alternators.

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