Decoding the Combinations

The most frequent codes used in 51 countries which approve headlamps and combination rear lamps according to ECE regulations are as follows:   Headlamps   Combination rear lamp versions
The letter E is followed by the number of the country that has granted type approval.      a) Version    
 E1  Germany    A:  Marker lamp    A:  Marker lamp
 E2  France    B:  Fog lamp    AR:  Reversing lamp
 E3  Italy    C:  Dipped beam    F:  Rear fog lamp
 E4  Netherlands    R:  Main beam    IA:  Reflex reflector
 E5  Sweden    CR:  Main and dipped beam    R:  Tail-lamp
 E6  Belgium    C/R   Dipped beam or main     S1:  Stop lamp
 E7  Hungary      beam    1, 1a, 1b:  Front flasher lamp 
 E8  Czech Republic    HC:  Halogen dipped beam      (various technical versions)
 E9  Spain    HR:  Halogen main beam    2a:  Rear flasher lamp
 E10  Former Yugoslavia    HCR:   Halogen main beam    5:  Repeater flasher lamp (for
 E11  United Kingdom      and dipped beam      vechicles up to 6 metres
 E12  Austria    HC/R:  Halogen main beam      long)
 E13  Luxembourg      or dipped beam    6:  Repeater flasher lamp (for
 E14  Switzerland    DC:  Xenon dipped beam      vechicles up to 6 metres
 E15  (Currently vacant)    DR:  Xenon main beam      long)
 E16  Norway    DC/R  Bi-Xenon    SM1:  Side marker lamps (for
 E17  Finland    /:  Cannot be switched      all vechicles)
 E18  Denmark      on simultaneously    SM2:  Side marker lamps (for
 E19  Romania             vechicles with length up to
 E20  Poland            6 metres)
 E21  Portugal      b) Driving side       
 E22  Russia  


 Left-hand traffic
 Left or Right-hand
 Right-hand traffic
 E23  Greece        
 E24  Ireland        
 E25  Croatia        
 E26  Slovenia            
 E27  Slovakia            
 E28  Belarus            
 E29  Estonia            
 E30  (Currently vacant)              
 E31  Bosnia-Herzegovina            
 E32  Latvia            
 E33  (Currently vacant)            
 E34  Bulgaria            
 E35  (Currently vacant)            
 E36  (Currently vacant)            
 E37  Turkey            
 E38  (Currently vacant)            
 E39  (Currently vacant)            
 E40  Yugoslavia-Macedonia            
 E41  (Currently vacant)            
 E42  Special EC             
 E43  Japan            
 E44  (Currently vacant)            
 E45  Australia             
 E46  Ukraine            
 E47  South Africa            
 E48  New Zealand            
 E49  Cyprus            
 E50  Malta            
 E51  Republic of Korea            

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