Decoding ECE Symbols

Key to decoding the combinations of numbers and letters on marker and signal lamps.

The most frequent codes used in
37 countries which approve headlamps
and combination rear lamps according to ECE regulations are as follows:
  Combination rear lamp versions:
 E1  » Germany    A  » Marker lamp
 E2  » France     AR  » Reversing lamp
 E3  » Italy    F  » Rear fog lamp
 E4  » Netherlands    la  » Reflex reflector
 E5  » Sweden     R  » Tail lamp
 E6  » Belgium    S1  » Stop lamp
 E7  » Hungary    1, 1a, 1b:  » Front flasher lamp
 (various technical versions)
 E8  » Czech Republic    2a  » Rear flasher lamp
 E9  » Spain    5  » Repeater flasher lamp (for vehicles up to 6 metres long)
 E10  » Serbia and Montenegro    6  » Repeater flasher lamp (for vehicles  longer than 6 metres) 
 E11  » United Kingdom    SM1  » Side marker lamps (for all vehicles)
 E12  » Austria    SM2  » Side marker lamps (for vehicles with    length up to 6 metres)
 E13  » Luxembourg    RL  » Daytime running lamps
 E14  » Switzerland       
 E24  » Ireland      


Symbol and Marking Location on Marker and Signal Lamp



 Symbol and marker location

Lamp version:
R = Tail lamp
S1 = Stop lamp 
Lamp version:
fulfils regulation amendment 02 

Type of approval and location:
4 = Netherlands 

Type test number to ECE regulation