Setting a Standard in Road Safety

Setting a Standard in Road Safety
New Zealand’s extensive roading network is used by millions of Kiwis every day. Statistically the risk of being harmed in a road accident is one of the highest severe injury risks we face every day.

Data from New Zealand’s Ministry of Transport shows that thousands of crashes occur each year resulting in injury and fatalities. In 2012 there were 201 fatalities on our roads as well as 31,691 traffic related ACC claims.

The economic cost of road accidents to New Zealand has been calculated at some 3.14 Billion Dollars in 2011*, the majority occurring during daylight hours when visibility and conspicuity should be at its peak.
*source: Motor Vehicle Crashes in New Zealand. Ministry of Transport, 2011, 2012 / ACC Claims Statistic 2012.

Worldwide Studies
The effectiveness of Safety DayLights™ (DRLs) has been studied extensively worldwide and their mandatory use being adopted into legislation in most European countries.

Benefits of LED Safety DayLights™

Low power consumption.
Advanced UV resistant material.
5 year warranty.
Approved for use in New Zealand and Australia