SCANGRIP® Uniform LED Inspection Lamp

The SCANGRIP® Uniform LED Worklamp has the same performance as the most recent HELLA branded version, which was recently redesigned to provide more power, more efficiency and a greater uniform illumination.

The light output was improved by up to 66% on previous models, and a redesigned charging base made wall mounting easier. The sturdy turnable hook and strong built-in magnet provides greater flexibility when positioning the lamp.

The shape and surface of the lamp provides a comfortable, ergonomic grip, while the compact design is convenient to carry while attached to a work belt. An intelligent battery indicator on the front keeps you informed about the lamp’s battery level. The Main LED strip lamp has 2 brightness levels: Step 1 = 100%, Step 2 = 50% light output.

This lamp replaces 2XM 910 412-011 LED Inspection Lamp - Uniform.

• High power LEDs.
• Easy to use.
• Impact and shock resistant.
• Natural light – colour similar to daylight.
• Low current consumption, high efficacy.
• Strong, sturdy and resistant to water, oil and chemicals. 

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LED Technology

Battery Powered

Strong Built-in Magnet

Built-in Magnet

Strong Built-in Magnet

3 Year Warranty



PART NO: 035407AU
Legacy PN: 2XM 530 302-231


Light Output

Main: 250/500 lumen for up to 4.5/2 hours.
Spot (top): 175 lumen for up to 3 hours.

Light Performance

Main: 475/950 lux @ 0.5m
Spot (top): 6000 lux @ 0.5m

Temperature Range

-10° to +40°C


IP 65   (Protection against dust and water jets)


190mm x 60mm x 32mm


3.8V/3000 mAh Li-ion rechargeable.
5 hour charging time.



This lamp replaces

2XM 910 412-011 LED Inspection Lamp - Uniform