Electronic Flasher Unit - 12V - 6 Pin - 2+1+1

To operate 2 lamps on either side of a towing vehicle plus an additional lamp on either side of each of two trailers. Separate pilot lamps indicate operation of flasher lamps on the trailers. 

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Electronic Flasher Unit - 12V 6 Pin - 2+1+1

PART NO: 4DN 008 768-191
Legacy PN: 3033


Maximum Load

2+1+1 (8) x 21W

Pin Designations

Terminal Number Description
49/X Flasher input (+)
49a/L Flasher output (+) to lamps or indicator switch
31 Earth (-)
C/C1/CP/P Vehicle pilot lamp output (+)
C2 1st trailer pilot lamp output (+)
C3 2nd trailer pilot lamp output (+)


All dimensions in mm.
All dimensions in mm.