Pipe Socket Base - Detachable for Work Lamps

Suitable for applications that require a removable work lamp.
Use with HELLA Connecting pieces P/Ns 8007, 8007FM, 8007RA and 8008.

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Pipe Socket Base

PART NO: 8HG 990 320-001
Legacy PN: 9153108



Pipe socket mounting system. Allows work lamps be to be mounted on vehicles and removed again quickly. Accomotates +- 40mm mounting lug.


Integrated power feed is via the pipe socket. No separate wiring is necessary for the work lamp. Tightening the wing nut attaches the pipe socket attachment tightly to the base. Use with Connecting pieces P/Ns 8007, 8007FM, 8007RA and 8008.

To Suit

Halogen work lamps P/N 1533, 1540, 1541 and 1542.
LED work lamps P/N 1539-LED, 1564, 1553, 1561*, 1562*, 1551* and 1557* (*with DT connector 4960-P fitted).