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New Jumbo-S and Designline LED Blister Packaging

30 October 2015

HELLA’s popular Jumbo-S LED and Designline LED module ranges are now also available in attractive blister retail packaging to communicate the unique features and benefits of the iconic HELLA brand.

Enhance your Retail Area
Jumbo-S LED and Designline LED Lamps Blister Packaging

  Blister Pack
Blister Pack


     Jumbo-S LED Lamps


  Jumbo-S LED Stop/Rear Position Lamp   Jumbo-S LED Rear Direction Indicator Lamp   Jumbo-S LED Reversing Lamp
 Lamp   Stop/Rear Position Lamp   Rear Direction Indicator Lamp   Reversing Lamp
 Blister Pack    P/N 2361-BL   P/N 2161-BL   P/N 1461-BL

      Designline LED Lamps

  Designline LED Module Stop/Rear Position Lamp    Designline LED Module Rear Direction Indicator Lamp    
 Lamp    Stop/Rear Position Lamp    Rear Direction Indicator Lamp    
 Blister Pack    P/N 2332-H24BL    P/N 2146-H24BL    


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