Super Seal Connector Kit

Kit contains a variety of super seal connectors. Super seal connector housings were developed to satisfy increasing requirements for safety and reliability in the field of electrical connections. The connectors can be connected to existing components and used with the equipment presently in use in the automotive industry (sensors, oil pressure sensors, water temperature monitoring circuits, etc.).

• IP 67 (Protection against dust and temporary water immersion)
• Robust and reliable contact. Max. current 14A.
• Prefabricated secondary lock ensures that the terminal is plugged into the housing correctly and prevents slipping out of the connector.

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Super Seal Connector Kit

PART NO: 8JA 009 256-801
Legacy PN: 4980



5 of each connector, 1-6 pole plugs and sockets
100 each 9.4980.02 Socket terminals
100 each 9.4980.04 Plug terminals
100 each 9.4980.06 Yellow seals
100 each 9.4980.09 Red cavity plugs


Made from silicon rubber. Seals shaped for easy insertion into connector. The hoop rings in the crimping area ensure excellent pull relief for the terminals. Suitable with insulation 1.5-33mm diameter.


Housing and secondary lock - polyamide 6.6 glass filled

Resistant to

Ozone, salts (CaCI2-NaCI), petrol, diesel fuel, anti-freeze, ATM and engine oil.

Temperature Range

-40°C to 125°C

Insulation resistance

Minimum 200MΩ


Male Brass, tinned
Female Phosphor bronze, tinned

Current rating

14A maximum

Insert force

Maximum 8N

Contact resistance

Maximum 3MΩ