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New Module 70 and 90 Work Lamps

26 November 2015

HELLA introduces new LED work lamps.

HELLA extends its range of powerful yet compact LED work lamps with the new upgraded Module 70, featuring now 2500 lumen and a mere power consumption of 30W, and the new Module 90 with an even more powerful ratio of 40W and 3400 exceptionally bright lumen.


M70All dimensions in mm.

• Powerful LED work lamp (2500lm).
• Innovative light performance in a compact design.
• Low power consumption. 

Click here for more information about the Module 70 LED Generation IV Work Lamp


Module 70 LED Generation IV Work Lamp
One of the most popular LED work lamps in New Zealand, P/N 1547-LED, has been upgraded. The new Generation IV M70 lamp is now exceptionally bright with a powerful light output of 2500 lumens.

Equipped with 3 high-performance multichip LEDs the new M70 LED work lamp produces 2500 lumens of crisp white light while consuming just 30W of power. (2.5A @ 12V DC). Completely sealed (IP 6K9K) this lamp is particularly suitable for tough conditions and work areas.

Advanced Multivolt 9-33V electronics ensure reliable illumination and lamp protection even under severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltage. Pre-wired with 2.0m cable and a 316 stainless steel bracket, this work lamp can be easily installed.

 Beam Pattern
 Close Range

Module 90 LED Work Lamp
The Module 90 LED is a robust work lamp in a universal, attractive design. The black aluminium housing features cooling fins which ensure the required heat dissipation from the 4 high-power LEDs. In addition, temperature sensors protect the work lamp from overheating.

Thanks to its powerful light output of 3400 lumens, the module 90 LED can replace Xenon work lamps, despite consuming just 40W of power. This makes this LED work lamp ideal for use on battery operated vehicles or on vehicles where the alternator is already under a heavy load.

The light is distributed by a specially developed, multifaceted reflector, thus ensuring homogeneous illumination. The light can be operated at both 12V or 24V DC. The integrated electronics protect the device in the event of a polarity reversal and guarantee constant brightness, even when operating with voltage fluctuations between 9 and 33 volts DC.

At 6500°K, the light from the LED work lamp is very similar to daylight. This helps to distinguish colours more easily in the dark, and thus facilitate the human eye’s sensory perception task.



M90All dimensions in mm.
P/N 1567 - Close Range (Left) P/N 1567-LR - Long Range (Right)

 Beam Patterns
 Close Range 
M90 Close Range Beam Pattern
 Long Range
M90 Long Range Beam Pattern

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