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HELLA Extends LED Inspection Lamp Range

11 October 2016

HELLA has extended its extensive range of LED inspections lamps with 3 new releases:

• Uniform Gen III LED Inspection Lamp
• UV-Form LED Inspection Lamp
• LED Flash Pen R

The Uniform Gen II LED inspection lamp has been upgraded to the third generation featuring 50% more light output, more efficiency and a greater uniform illumination within a slimmer design. The UV-Form LED inspection lamp is a completely new release, combining a multifunctional rechargeable LED inspection lamp with a powerful UV-light for specialised leak detection.

Another newcomer in the range is the handy LED Flash Pen R. Designed for the professional user, the rechargeable pen light features an ultra-durable aluminium housing, good ergonomic grip and an adjustable beam angle from 10º - 70º.

  Uniform Gen III (Left) UV-Form (Middle) Flash Pen R (Bottom)
LED Inspection Lamps 
 Product Features:            
    Strong built-in magnet   180° flexible head     180° flexible head   Retractable hook/strong built-in magnet
  Spot light Retractable hook
  P/N 2XM 910 412-011 (Uniform Gen III LED Inspection Lamp)
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 P/N 2XM 910 606-001 (UV-Form LED Inspection Lamp)
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P/N 2XM 910 416-011 (LED Flash Pen R)
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Adjustable beam focus
and charging point
Clip for chest pocket

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