DuraLED® Lifetime Warranty

DuraLED Lifetime Warranty

DuraLED® Lifetime Warranty
HELLA New Zealand offers a Lifetime Warranty for all automotive LED based lighting products that carry the DuraLED® brand.

The DuraLED® range has been specifically engineered by HELLA using proven design principles, precision manufacturing, robust quality systems and a selection of ultra-durable materials and components to ensure an ultra-long operating life.

DLW - Peter
Mark Taylor - Managing Director Passionate about durable 'Fit and Forget' lighting.  


HELLA’s relentless pursuit to create a truly Fit and Forget range of lighting solutions has led to the creation of the DuraLED® range which represents the pinnacle of our no compromise philosophy and commitment to long-term durability and road safety.

After over 20 years of strenuous testing, continuous improvement and proven real world reliability HELLA is proud to stand behind the DuraLED® range with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty*. Whenever you see the DuraLED® logo you will have the confidence to install products that are designed and warranted to last the economic life of the vehicle they were first installed on.


*Lifetime means the economic life of the vehicle these products were first installed on.


DuraLED Range


Should you find that you need to make a warranty claim for your DuraLED® product
you can 
click here to download the Warranty Claim Form.