DuraLED® Lifetime Warranty

DuraLED Lifetime Warranty  

DuraLED® Lifetime Warranty

'Fit and Forget' LED Products with Lifetime Warranty

From 1st September 2015 HELLA New Zealand offers a Lifetime* Warranty for all automotive LED based lighting products that carry the DuraLED® brand.

From the very first DuraLED® designed in 1996 and field trialled in 1998, HELLA’s radical pursuit to create a range of ‘Fit and Forget’, highly visible LED Marker and Signal Lamps, permanently lowered the cost of ownership for our fleets and made our roads safer. ‘Fit & Forget’ by Design is a HELLA no compromise philosophy and commitment to design for long-term durability and safety.

Products that carry the DuraLED® name are designed to outlast the life of the vehicle. Whilst keeping its design heritage and appearance the DuraLED® range has been continuously upgraded to the latest material and electronic component technology.

Andrew Mills Managing Director - Passionate about durable 'Fit and Forget' lighting.   The first initial concept/sketch
Andrew Mills - Managing Director Passionate about durable 'Fit and Forget' lighting.     The first initial concept/sketch.


Where Environmental Choice meets Economic Sense.

In a world where the conservation of precious resources and the development of renewable energy sources are given prominence by scientists and decision makers, energy efficient LED lighting has a substantial role to play towards lowering the global carbon footprint without sacrificing functionality or compromising safety.


The DuraLED® range has been designed to ensure a very long useful economic life.
The DuraLED® range has been designed to ensure a very long useful economic life.


In addition to the conservation of energy, LED products can be designed to be long term durable. Much of this durability however depends on the component and material choices of the designer/manufacturer.

Due to global price pressures there is significant motivation for manufacturers to cut cost, using materials that fade or embrittle over time, using sealing systems than can fail over time or electronic components which are stressed to close to their limits. The HELLA designers of the DuraLED® range of products have made no such trade-offs. The DuraLED® range has been designed in all aspects, components, sealing systems and material choices to ensure a very long useful economic life.

*Lifetime means the economic life of the vehicle these products were first installed on.

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