Mini Blade Fuses (ATN)

Pack of 10

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Mini Blade Fuse, Tan - 5A

PART NO: 8JS 980 305-112
Legacy PN: 8771MINI

Mini Blade Fuse, Brown - 7.5A

PART NO: 8JS 980 305-122
Legacy PN: 8772MINI

Mini Blade Fuse, Red - 10A

PART NO: 8JS 980 305-132
Legacy PN: 8773MINI

Mini Blade Fuse, Blue - 15A

PART NO: 8JS 980 305-142
Legacy PN: 8774MINI

Mini Blade Fuse, Yellow - 20A

PART NO: 8JS 980 305-152
Legacy PN: 8775MINI

Mini Blade Fuse, White - 25A

PART NO: 8JS 980 305-162
Legacy PN: 8776MINI

Mini Blade Fuse, Green - 30A

PART NO: 8JS 980 305-172
Legacy PN: 8777MINI


Dimensions shown in mm
Dimensions shown in mm