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SL60 LED Warning Lamps

19 September 2019



Red or Blue strip indicates a no-go zone

  → Increases safety by indicating danger zone
→ Projects a red or blue strip-shaped warning line
→ 10-80V DC suits many forklifts
→ Low power consumption of less than 7W
→ Compact and easy mounting
→ Fully sealed against dust and moisture
→ 5 year Warranty

Moving vehicles or equipment can be hazardous. One way to improve occupational safety is to highlight danger zones optically. For this, HELLA has developed VISIOTECH projection technology with which warning signals can be projected on the ground.



The SL60 LED warning lamp has a special lens optic that directs the light rays to converge and become so sharply focused that, depending on the light’s orientation, a horizontal or vertical line appears on the ground, day and night. This warning symbol not only alerts vehicles and pedestrians about an approaching vehicle or a potentially dangerous working area, the lines can also facilitate vehicle navigation. The SL60 LED warning lamp is available with red or blue projection line.


Thanks to it's compact dimensions, the SL60 LED warning lamp is particularly well-suited when little space is available for installation. It's power consumption of 7 watts makes this warning light ideal for use on battery-powered vehicles or on vehicles where the alternator is already under a heavy load. An operating voltage from 10 to 80 volts, for example, enables use on 48 V forklifts and similar vehicles with a high DC voltage.




SL60 LED Warning Light