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Rallye 4000 LED High Beam Driving Lamp

06 August 2020

Rallye 4000 LED Driving Lamp


  The new Rallye 4000 LED driving lamp combines performance and durability like never before.  







These lamps are sturdy and reliable with an efficient low power consumption of 33W. The high efficacy from the latest technology allows up to nearly 1.3km of light. The LED robustness and durable design allows for a long life and is supported by a HELLA 5 year warranty.

Note: Due to the high performance of these LED driving lamps, they exceed the allowed maximum light intensity to be ECE compliant, and therefore are recommended for Motorsport or off-road use only.


• Bright white LED light (5900K)
• Two beam patterns, up to 1.3km
• Longer reaching beam than HID Predators
• Replaceable LED headlamp inserts available
• Lamp inserts can be retrofitted into Rallye 4000 housings
• Shock resistant PC cover lens
• 5 Year Warranty





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