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New Ultra Beam LED Blister Pack, Heavy Duty and Long Range Work Lamps

24 March 2016

The world’s most popular work lamp series, Ultra Beam, has now been expanded to include:

• Ultra Beam LED Long Range Work Lamp
• Ultra Beam LED Close Range Heavy Duty Work Lamp

• Option of Ultra Beam LED Close Range Blister Pack

The Ultra Beam LED offers high light output in a practical design, meaning that it can be used anywhere thanks to its compact dimensions. The light output is a powerful 2,200 lumens with a power consumption of only 30W. The light is distributed by a specially developed multi-faceted reflector, thus ensuring homogeneous illumination.

The integrated electronics protect the device in the event of polarity inversion and guarantee constant brightness, even when operating with voltage fluctuations between 9 and 33 Volts. This ensures that the work lamp stays functional and guarantees safe working at night. With its color temperature of 5,700 Kelvin, the light from the LED work lamp is very similar to daylight.

• 2200 lumen light output
• Homogeneous work area illumination
• Power consumption of 30W


P/N 1562-LR
 - Long Range

P/N 1562-HD - Heavy Duty Close Range
Ultra Beam Close Range Blister PackP/N 1562-BL -Close Range Blister pack
 Beam Patterns 
 Long Range    Close Range
    P/N 1562/1562-LR                                                     P/N 1562-HD                       All dimensions

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