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NEW HELLA Smart Indicator Unit for Compliant Flashing

05 August 2021


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HELLA introduces a smart indicator control unit to maintain a compliant indicator flash rates when upgrading traditional 12V / 21W bulb lamps with low draw LED lamps.

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Once the HELLA Indicator Control Unit is installed, (one per bulb lamp) the vehicle’s flasher unit will see normal power consumption and not activate warnings such as a light on the dash or commence fast indicator flashing.

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The new HELLA unit activates when it receives a nominal current to confirm an LED lamp is connected, it then adds additional current to simulate a 21W bulb. This is a superior solution to adding resistors to the indicator circuit. Resistors will continue to draw current, even if an LED lamp or wiring fails and also not provide drivers with the required lamp failure warning.

  • Maintain compliant flash rate with 21w (12v) bulb simulation for LED lamps
  • Compatible with a standard flasher unit
  • Load detection to retain lamp failure warning
  • Complies with current lamp failure warning regulations
  • Heat dissipation through aluminium alloy housing (IP 67) 



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