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New 90mm LED Headlamps

23 November 2016

HELLA has extended its extensive range of 90mm LED headlamps with 4 new releases:

• 90mm LED High Beam Headlamp
• 90mm LED Low Beam Headlamp
• 90mm Bi-LED 2nd Generation Headlamp
• 90mm LED Fog Lamps
  - LED Fog Lamp
  - LED Fog Lamp with Daytime Running Lamp/Front Position

Meet HELLA’s new extended range of powerful 90mm LED headlights with an exceptional crisp, white light output and low power consumption ensuring ultra-long life and economical running costs compared to bulb lamps.

The lamps are available as separate high and low beam, a Bi-LED combining both, a fog beam and a combined daytime running lamp, front position and fog lamp.

  (1.) 90mm LED High Beam  (2.) 90mm LED Low Beam
(3.) 90mm Bi-LED 2nd Generation  (4.) 90mm LED Fog Lamp
P/N 1F0 011 988-121 90mm LED High Beam Headlamp    P/N 1ML 012 488-011 90mm LED Low Beam Headlamp

  All dimensions in mm.
  All dimensions in mm.
P/N 1032-G2 90mm Bi-LED 2nd Generation Headlamp
  90mm LED Fog Lamps
P/N 1N0 011 988-001

P/N 1N0 011 988-011 (with Daytime Running Lamp/Front Position)

  All dimensions in mm.    
   All dimensions in mm.

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