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Module 50 LED Ultra Compact Work Lamp

17 September 2014

With the Module 50 LED, HELLA now offers an ultra-compact work lamps that achieves a high light output despite its size. A specially developed lens system concentrates the light and distributes it to the range of operation. The Module 50 LED is the smallest work lamp in the HELLA product range and is therefore particularly suitable for installations with space constraints.

At 700 lumens, the light output is well suited to close-range illumination. There is also an optic-free version that facilitates long-range and/or spot illumination. Thanks to its powerful light output, the Module 50 LED can replace standard halogen work lamps (e.g. H3/55 Watt) – despite only having a power consumption of 15 Watts.

With its colour temperature of 5,700 Kelvin, the light from the LED work lamp is very similar to daylight. This helps to distinguish colours more easily in the dark, and thus facilitate the human eye’s sensory perception task. This in turn facilitates work at night and prevents the eyes tiring quickly.

  WL                1560                                    1560-LR
Diagram    BeamPatterns  
• Innovative LED technology

• Ultra-compact design
• Sturdy housing
• Dust and waterproof
        All dimensions in mm.    Close Range                                   Long Range    


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