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HELLA Introduces Slimline LED BL350 Work Lamp

06 March 2015

HELLA’s new ultralight powerful slimline work lamp sets a new benchmark for work lamps in this class. The new LED BL350 comes in 3 light patterns – wide spread, spread and narrow – and features 12 high performance LED’s.

The dust and waterproof work light is 350mm long and suitable a large number of applications, where reliability and energy efficiency are paramount. The thermally conductive non-metal housing guarantees a cool running temperature and outstanding weathering and corrosion resistance. The 25 watts power consumption efficiently produces 2200 lumens of crisp, white light.

The lens is made from Grilamid®, the highly respected performance polyamide invented and made in Switzerland. This revolutionary transparent plastic offers an unbeatable combination of properties including toughness against impact, long term UV stability and resistance to commonly used chemicals and washes. 

LED BL350 is fully MultivoltTM for optimum brightness over a wide voltage range from 9 to 33 volts. HELLA’s New Zealand made LED lamps are covered by a comprehensive 5 year warranty.


P/N 1GJ 958 040-501

LED BL350 Work Lamp

Mounting brackets allow
rotation of work lamp.


All dimensions in mm.BL350 Work Lamp Diagram


BL350 Work Lamp Work Lamp  


• ˜12 high performance LEDs
• ˜Luminaire Performance* 2200 lumen
• ˜Low power consumption of 25W
• ˜Thermally conductive non-metal housing
• ˜Dust and waterproof

*Luminaire Performance refers to the real performance of the lamp, not the much higher
 theoretical performance of the LEDs, as is oftšen used.

 To view our New Ultralight Powerful LED BL350 Work Lamp, please click here.