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K-LED Rebelution LED Warning Beacons

30 January 2020


The K-LED Rebelution is a true innovation and game changer in the warning lights sector. EdgeLight Technology was used during the development of the K-LED Rebelution. This technology originates from rear lamp manufacturing and has been applied to the sector of optical warning systems. HELLA has eliminated the need for a classical dome and created a modern, minimalist design with maximum performance. The distinctive and futuristic ring-shaped light band emits a clearly visible 360 degree warning signal. 

Its discreet modern design allows the beacon to blend in perfectly with the appearance of the vehicle. At only 61mm in height and 149mm in diameter, the beacon is extremely compact in size, making it ideal for vehicles subject to a height restriction.

Further advantages are protection against water and dust, as well as outstanding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The LED technology, materials and the innovative design ensure durability and reliability even during continuous operation for a long service life.

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