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DuraLED® WL1300 Work Lamp

17 September 2014

The DuraLED® WL1300 LED Work Lamp incorporates the latest technology to offer a powerful, durable lighting solution for a multitude of applications.

Featuring an integrated dual intensity light output circuit, a high level of spike protection, and energy efficient Multivolt™ technology, this work lamp will appeal to applications where energy efficiency and reliability are a must. These lamps offer a formidable net light output of 1300 lumen.

Designed with Fit and Forget durability in mind, the WL1300 features a highly impact resistant Grilamid® lens; a crystal clear polyamide with superior tolerance to chemical and long term harsh UV exposure as well as a technologically advanced thermally conductive non-metal housing. Equipped with a low profile stainless steel bracket this work lamp may be mounted upright or pendant and adjusted vertically up or down.

• Luminaire Performance* 1300 lumen
• Low power consumption of 18W
• 14 high performance
• Dust and waterproof 

 All dimensions in mm.

WL1300 Dia

Beam Patterns 1300
     Wide spread beam                                Spread beam                                       Narrow spread beam

* Luminaire Performance refers to the real performance of the lamp, not the much higher theoretical performance
  of the LEDs, as is often used.

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