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New DuraLED® Combi-S White 50 LED Lamps

02 August 2016

DuraLED® Combi-S white 50 LED lamps are an extremely powerful source of white light and offer a safe, energy efficient and reliable alternative to incandescent and fluorescent lighting with an easy to install, surface mount design.

These high tech, low profile lamps are available in two light patterns, Spread and Wide Spread, to suit a variety of uses including engine rooms, storage lockers or other heavy duty applications where reliability cannot be compromised. Each lamp is completely sealed, UV, impact and shock resistant ensuring an ultra-long service life.

Multivolt™ circuitry provides constant illumination and circuit protection from 9-33V DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations. DuraLED® Combi-S white 50 LED lamps also carry ISO Ignition Protection approval for safe and certified installation when lamps are located near flammable gas sources.

HELLA DuraLED® Combi-S white 50 LED lamps offer class leading energy efficiency, unmatched durability and are a total ‘fit and forget’ solution.


P/N 2109 LED Front Direction Indicator Lamp-Surface Mount          P/N 2JA 980 629-001
          DuraLED® Combi-S White 50 LED Lamp - Spread
          - White Diffusion Lens

P/N 2168 LED Rear Direction Indicator Lamp-Surface MountP/N 2JA 980 629-501
DuraLED® Combi-S White 50 LED Lamp - Wide Spread
- White Diffusion Lens


 All dimensions in mm.    Illumination Charts
 Spread    Wide Spread


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