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New DuraLED® Combi Red/Green Warning Lamp

03 March 2017

This DuraLED® red/green warning lamp is designed as a stop/go lamp to signal when it is safe or dangerous to approach and/or work on a vehicle.

The red signal has two outputs, either 1.5W or 6W, allowing the lamp to function even for long periods (e.g. overnight) without draining batteries. It may also be used as a signal when it is safe/not safe to pass a slow vehicle (e.g. on a closed road).

Featuring a high performance impact resistance Grilamid® lens, it is completely sealed, UV, impact and shock resistant, ensuring an ultra-long service life. Multivolt™ circuitry provides constant illumination and circuit protection from 9-33V DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations.

DuraLED® Combi LED lamps offer class leading energy efficiency and unmatched durability.

HELLA’s ‘Fit and Forget’ by Design-Philosophy ensures the service life of this lamp is aimed to outlast the life of your vehicle.

P/N 2XA 959 050-321
DuraLED® Combi Red/Green LED Warning Lamp (Showing Red/High)
 Combi Lamp Functions
 Red/Low    Green/Go


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