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BL470 Red LED Warning Lamp indicates a No-Go Zone

18 December 2018

Hella Red LED Warning Lamp


Vehicle lighting plays an important role in protecting workers from the potential dangers of moving machinery. The innovative BL470 Red LED Warning Lamp from HELLA is fitted with the new VISIOTECH technology.

A special lens optic allows the light rays to converge and become so sharply focused that a strip-shaped warning line is projected onto the ground. The powerful red safety strip of light indicates a no-go zone to keep staff and pedestrians at a safe distance.

Occupational safety plus operator comfort and convenience are significantly improved meaning accidents can be prevented from the outset.

The BL470 Red LED Warning Lamp is ideal for use on Forklifts, for Earth Moving Equipment, Construction, the Mining Industry, on Trucks, Disabled Person Transport and Emergency Vehicles.

Hella Red LED Warning Lamp Forklift

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